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Sport Watches

multi-function, high-tech sport watch Watches are small, portable clocks that display the current time.  They may be worn on the wrist or hung from a watch clip.  While water-resistant watches, waterproof dive watches, and stopwatches have been around for more than 70 years, it has been only during the last 50 years that these features have been combined into a single wristwatch, giving rise to a whole new watch category — the sport watch.  Rather than being high fashion, dress watches, these sport watches are often designed for ruggedness and casual comfort.  Many of these watches boast digital displays as well.

sport watch Instead of having bands of metal or leather, sport watches generally have bands fashioned from man-made materials, such as nylon or plastic, which resist sweat, water, and the elements.  These watches are often designed to be shock-resistant, so that they can take a lot of punishment without breaking.  In the past, athletes removed their watches before participating in their sport, but with the availability of sport watches, athletes can now exercise and keep track of the time and their activities.

sports watch Sport watches may also offer specialized functions tailored to individual sports.  For example, a sport watch may include stopwatch and alarm features for timing races, or it may be waterproof to a specified depth for diving use.  Watches designed for fitness activities may feature heart rate monitors, and hiking watches may offer compasses, altimeters, and backlit displays.  Some newer sport watches contain GPS units, a good safety feature for outdoorsmen.  Many golf watches are designed to be hung with a clip from the golfer's belt or golf bag rather than worn on a wrist.

Whatever your sport or outdoor activity, there is probably a sport watch designed to fit your needs.  The informative references on enable you to learn about the watchmaking industry and research a broad range of sport watches offered by watch manufacturers and specialty watchmakers.

Watchmaker Organizations

Sport Watch Manufacturers

  • Swiss Army
    Supplier of active, classic, professional, and pocket watches.
  • Bulova
    Offers a broad selection of watch styles for every taste and occasion.
  • Kobold Watch
    This Pittsburgh-based watchmaker offers aviation watches as well as chronographs and diving watches.
  • TAG Heuer - Swiss Watches
    This leading watchmaker features a wide range of watches and chronographs.
  • Omega
    Manufactures quality Swiss sports watches and dress watches for men and women.
  • Seiko USA
    This well-known watchmaker offers precision watches and high-tech timepieces.
  • Citizen Watch
    One of the world's largest watchmakers features an extensive line of popular price watches.
  • Timex Watches
    Find a great selection of fashion, sports, outdoors, and youth watches.
  • Swatch Sport Watches
    Offers fashionable sport watches with a youthful emphasis.
  • Casio
    This consumer electronics firm features an extensive selection of popularly-priced sports watches and electronic watches.
  • Fossil
    Features an extensive line of fashion watches, accessories, and apparel.

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